Redmond Roche’s Map

A series of farm maps of the Castleisland area complement the collection.  An accompanying note describes the nineteenth century ordnance survey maps as ‘Redmond Roche’s Map’.


‘Redmond Roche’s Map’ from Michael O’Donohoe’s accompanying notes


The maps, numbered one to six, include names, evidently land or lease holders, handwritten onto the map.1


The maps are undated.  However, the Glebe House of Rev Denis Moriarty, who ministered during the period 1875-1901, is recorded therefore the map dates to this period.2


Illustration of map in the collection


In the 1870s, Redmond Roche, senior and junior, owned over 1500 acres in Castleisland. Michael O’Donohoe’s notes on the name of Roche (IE MOD/55/55.1/55.1.246) suggest that Redmond Roche was of the family of Maglass.


Redmond Roche Esq JP of Maglass House died in November 1894 aged 55 leaving nine children. His funeral was described as ‘the largest ever witnessed in Kerry … it would be utterly impossible to give anything like a complete list of the laity present’.  He was buried at Kilsarkan.


Maglass House near Castleisland


The Maps


Map 1 (IE MOD/27/27.1)
Boundaries, perhaps farm boundaries, have been marked in pink highlighter

Map 2 (IE MOD/27/27.2)
Boundaries, perhaps farm boundaries, have been marked in pink highlighter. The townland of Glanshearoon is coloured in with highlighter; this area contains the names of Maurice, Jeremiah and Honoria Keliher and others

Map 3 (IE MOD/27/27.3)
Map illustrates Castleisland town section of map 1

Map 4 (IE MOD/27/27.4)
Map of the townland of Dooneen includes Woodview Cottage

Map 5 (IE MOD/27/27.5)
Map of the townland of Lackanoneen and adjoining townlands

Map 6 (IE MOD/27/27.6)
Map of the townland of Fahaduff and a section of adjoining Dooneen townland



1 What appears as a stamp, 'David & Daniel Loughnane, Ac 81.2.13 Val 73.10.0' may have relevance.
2 Further reference to the clergy in Castleisland in IE MOD/15.  See also The Church of Ireland in Co Kerry: a record of church & clergy in the nineteenth century (2011).