Visitors’ Comments on Castleisland

One of the earliest descriptions of Castleisland was given by Gerald, fourth Earl of Desmond who almost sang it as ‘the sweetest island of Kerry’. A more contemporary description came from the pen of Castleisland’s Con Houlihan, ‘Not so much a town as a street between two fields’.     Michael O’Donohoe was interested in…Continue Reading

The Earls of Desmond in Castleisland

The Erl of Desmond and his kin hath of lands under him 120 miles.  Four hundred horse, eight battles of Galoglas, 1 battalion crossbow men and gunners, three thousand kerns.  His country is long, and so environed, and hateth the kings laws, so they give none aid.  A part of Burghs, called the Bourgh country,…Continue Reading