Echoes of 1921: Holzer’s Paranormal Investigation of a North Kerry Tragedy

The Lively Ghosts of Ireland (1967) by American based parapsychologist and author, Hans Holzer (1920-2009), illustrated by his (then) wife, Catherine Geneviève Buxhoeveden, author of Growing up Haunted A Ghostly Memoir (2008), is the product of paranormal investigations in Ireland in the 1960s.[1]  It includes a number of tales from ‘the rocky Kerry Coast.’  …Continue Reading

Ballymacadam Castle: Towards a History of a Geraldine Stronghold

Elizabeth Marshall, daughter (and heiress) of Ralph Marshall Esq of Ballymacadam and Callinafercy, Co Kerry, and sister of John Markham Marshall of Kilburn House, Milltown, Co Kerry, was born in 1799.   In about the year 1819, Elizabeth was accompanying her aunt, as her guardian, to India.   During their journey, she met her future husband, Robert…Continue Reading

Hunted: Pursuit of Gerald, ‘Rebell of Mounster,’ 1581 to 1583

Formerly one of the largest landowners in the whole of Ireland, the Earl of Desmond’s territory was devastated by the English.  At length, all his castles fell into their hands[1] By 1581, the Earl of Desmond had taken to the woods for protection from the Elizabethan forces.  For a time, he maintained a considerable following,…Continue Reading

John Twiss of Castleisland, ‘Mythical Clergyman’s Son’

Castleisland District Heritage awaits the outcome of its petition to obtain the Presidential Pardon of John Twiss of Castleisland, for which application has been made to government on behalf of his descendants.   John Twiss of Castleisland, convicted in 1894 for the murder of James Donovan, was the subject of much discussion in the press…Continue Reading

Secrets of a Haunted Ireland: Brendan Griffin’s Tribute to the men of 1921

His music aired across the fields, The constant hush that never yields Came through so crisp and sharp and clear As Christmas died into the year. From The Last Christmas Castleisland District Heritage has acquired a copy of Secrets of a Haunted Winter written by Fine Gael politician, Brendan Griffin, TD.  Brendan, who served as…Continue Reading

John Twiss of Castleisland: Family Links to the ‘New World’

Castleisland District Heritage awaits the outcome of its application for the Presidential Pardon of John Twiss of Castleisland, wrongfully hanged in 1895 for a murder he did not commit.[1]  In the meantime, research into the family of John Twiss is ongoing.  Research shows that many in his extended family left Ireland for the ‘New World,’…Continue Reading

Puedes Creerlo! Campamento Memoir finds home in Castleisland

We didn’t choose which side to be on, as almost no one did in that war – Spanish Civil War Baby[1] Castleisland District Heritage is hardly the place where you would expect to find a memoir about the Spanish Civil War.  A copy of the recently published Spanish Civil War Baby, however, has been kindly…Continue Reading

Snakes and Shamarogs: St Patrick in History and Art

Castleisland District Heritage has recently acquired a set of photographs of the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Cahersiveen which date to circa 1998.[1]  Among the clowns on bicycles, the village blacksmith and the parading musicians are floats promoting Iveragh Sports Complex, the Cahersiveen Celtic Music Festival and the Daniel O’Connell Walking Festival.[2]     The…Continue Reading

Scott’s Country to Tralee:  Lives of the Chestnuts

Castleisland District Heritage has recently acquired a copy of The Chestnut Tree (1976), a genealogical work about the family of Reverend William Wallace Chestnut (1818-1888) the longest serving minister of Tralee Presbyterian Church.[1]  Its author, Norah (‘Chuni’) Henderson, was granddaughter of Rev Chestnut.   Norah records how her grandmother, Elizabeth, daughter of James Stewart, was…Continue Reading

‘Go to bed, you fools!’ – A Tribute to Fr Patrick Joseph Hartigan (1878-1952)[1]

‘He is the right settler’s poet.  If he has not yet been called the Australian Kipling, he will be’ – Montrose Standard, 1922[2]   This year (2021) marks the centenary of Around the Boree Log, a collection of verse by Irish-Australian poet Fr Patrick Joseph Hartigan (1878-1952) parish priest of Narrandera, New South Wales, whose…Continue Reading