Herbert family and the Seigniory of Castleisland

An inscription on an early eighteenth century map of the Seigniory of Castleisland records its association with the Herbert family:1


A MAP of the SEIGNORY of CASTLE ISLAND, MANOR OF MOUNT EAGLE LOYAL, in the County of KERRY IRELAND The Estate of the Honourable Henry Art. Herbert Esqr of Oakley Park IN ENGLAND Survey’d Anno 1729


Map of the ‘Seignory of Castle Island’ dated 1729, held in the collection


The history of the Herbert family in Castleisland dates to the times of Queen Elizabeth:


Queen Elizabeth granted the town and lands adjoining to the Herbert family under the designation of The Manor of Mount Eagle Loyal which, by a survey made by Hogan in 1429, was found to comprise 30,020 plantation acres … a fee farm lease was made of this property to five of the principal gentlemen of the county who subsequently admitted a sixth.2


Herbert emblem on the early eighteenth century map


Michael O’Donohoe’s notes on the Seigniory are gathered from two accounts of its history written by Patrick O’Connor and Fr Kieran O’Shea.3


In May 1824, one part of the Seigniory was advertised for sale:


To be Sold together or separately, for the purpose of discharging Encumbrances affecting the Estates of the late Right Hon Lord Ventry, the Fee and Inheritance of the following Lands situate in the County of Kerry … One-Sixth part of the Manor and Seigniory of MOUNT EAGLE, producing at present a profit rent of £415.00 … adjoins the Town of Castleisland and comprises the one-sixth part of the Town.  The Lands will rise to nearly £2000 per annum upon the expiration of the lives which are in existence; they are most desirably circumstanced, abounding with Turbary and Limestone, in a fine Country, and are held under Lord Clive in perpetuity.4


1 Copy held in IE MOD/A6.
2 From a report of the completion of the new tower and spire of Castleisland parish church published in The Kerryman, 17 December 1910.  For further reference to sixteenth century Herbert history see IE MOD/34.  See also IE MOD/71, IE MOD/23.
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4 Edward Clive, 1st Earl of Powis (1754-1839) married in 1784 Lady Henrietta Antonia Herbert, daughter of Henry Arthur Herbert, Earl of Powis, and sister and heir of George Edward Henry Arthur Herbert, who was descended in the male line from the uncle of the first Lord Herbert of Chirbury.  His son, bibliophile Lord Clive, 2nd Earl of Powis (1785-1848) took name of Herbert.  He married Lady Lucy Graham and was succeeded by his eldest son, Edward James Herbert (1818-1891), who died unmarried.  The title passed to his nephew, George Herbert, 4th Earl of Powis.